Ways to Apologize to Your Partner

Every couple has a problem. Whether you or your partner who starts the problem by going to amsterdam escort girls, it should be ended soon. You can be the first who says sorry. You need to know your partner’s mood and condition before you make it. Try these tips:

  1. Saying sorry without ‘but’. This is the forbidden word to say. ‘But’ makes you look like the one who is in the right position but have to apologize. It seems like you want to find a reason to let you know that you only a victim.
  2. Do not blame your partner about how you have behaved. He or she will get hurt more than before. You need to take responsibility for anything you have done and said.
  3. Try to notice his or her patience. Give him or her your gratitude. Start to use soft, sincere, and gentle words. Do not ever being fake. If you do not want to say it directly, you can have a handwritten. Write it on a card to show your sincere. It is more personal than an email or text message. You also may have a voice message.
  4. Apologize as soon as possible. Do not wait until his or her condition worse, especially the mood. Do not dismiss his or her feeling. Avoid the scorecards of past hurts. You also need to avoid emotional transgression.
  5.  Do not expect too much about your partner reaction. Forgiveness cannot be given instantly. Give him or her some times and spaces to process what happened.
  6. Recall yourself about the mistake. You need to find your mistake. It is time to recall your memory of it. It is better to say sorry with a clear explanation about the mistake. For example, “ I am sorry because I made you embarrassed”. Start to find suitable sentences.