These Silly Things Can’t Make Your Ex Back

When left by the people we care about all of a sudden, it’s not rare to get discouraged. The ego that is hurt, makes us hope that we can return to someone who actually dumped us. Actually it does not matter, especially if it turns out your partner is indeed worthy of your defense. Some relationships also actually can still be saved. You actually can still win back your ex-spouse.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that some of you do the wrong things when you are hoping to get back with their ex. Because you are panicked for being left and you have nothing to to overcome your breakup. You become impatient and impatisive, even seeming hopeless and you can end up having fun with an amsterdam escort. The “knowledge” of communication that you have and your skill in expressing your feelings actually makes the situation worse. Without you knowing it, you are actually doing these 3 prohibited things:

  1. Calling ex constantly, or text, or email, or contact through social media.
  2. Say that you really love them and will do anything to get them back with you.
  3. Contact and ask friends or family about them.

Maybe you think that by doing the three things above, they will come back and apologize for leaving you. Maybe you think that they will be happy to know someone who loves them for the way they are. Unfortunately, that would make them not be back with you. Because, some people like challenges. Just like when they first found you, right? Remember when they struggled to get you and the little challenges they had given before?

By contacting them continuously, saying you love them, let alone annoying his friends, you actually destroy the challenge and that is what makes them reluctant to return to you. Because you have been too pushy to get them back without giving them space and time to think about going back to you.