The Tre Ver Best Guide

With tall-standing raintrees across this crystal river in Potong Pasir’s stretch, The Tre Ver is your brand new paradise that’s now the talk of town. The Tre Ver, developed by UOL Group Limited & United Industrial Corporation Limited, is a condominium located within Potong Pasir Avenue 1. With 729 components which are all in various layouts and floor plans, residents will certainly find a unit that fits into their dream house!

The Tre Ver was the product of an en bloc deal originated in the HUDC, Raintree Gardens. Taxpayers can make certain to be aware that this Tre Ver’s purchase price is going to be well worth every penny — invested in the evolution of the green area that is luscious.
Lifestyle options
Aside from designing the location that retains the signature of character, The Tre Ver has touch of living to make sure comfort is not compromised. As taxpayers may be rest assured living in The Tre Ver supplies you with plenty of entertainment, relaxation and advantage.

For starters, the Tre Ver includes three storeys, which the third and second storeys make sure that taxpayers may have a fantastic time mingling together. In the next storey, it’s called the”Raintree Valley”, which is composed of backyard valley, recreation deck and experience deck. Highlights include also the herb gardens as well as the waterfall backyard to permit citizens like a refreshing stroll to ease stress. Other people include a sofa for residents and a karaoke room to interact together. Additionally there’s also a Hilly Trail, Climbing Cave and Bouncing Pit for citizens to try out a range of tasks that let them indulge in the heaven.

Additionally there’s the third storey called”Village Plaza”, which is composed of gallery Pool, Plaza Pool and Lounge Pool. It is clear that water entertainment and actions are taken for within the gallery pool a reflection pool is using also a lounge plus a massage advantage. There is more openings — including the hammock , aqua fitness center cave, bubble island along with infinity pool. If it comes to the lounge pool, there’s the chairs, water swingsmattress and Palm Grove. Residents will definitely be spoilt for choice when they crave for a refreshing dip in the oceans!