Logic in Relationship

The famous philosopher Bertrand Russel once said: “Many people will die sooner rather than think.” His remarks were true; many people are lazy to use their brains so they are immersed in problems. Though many problems can be solved if humans use their logic, including matters of romance. The funny thing is, because romance is often associated with feelings, many put aside logic and follow their feelings blindly. Logic can help you in investigating and eliminating right and wrong thoughts like planning a dinner or going to an amsterdam escort. If your thoughts are wrong, then your actions are also wrong. All human actions depend on their thinking. Guide your mind in the right direction before doing something

Professor Stephanie Ortigue from Syracuse University found that falling in love makes the human brain experience euphoria like cocaine addiction. The euphoria makes it difficult to think logically so that the brain becomes ignorant from outside influences. That is why advising people who are in love is futile. That advice only goes into the right ear and comes out in the left ear because the brain is again intoxicated by the love hormone. However, when the relationship is running, the euphoria is running low because the love hormone content in the brain is gone.

According to the book “The Science of Compassionate Love”, when that happens, one of the new parties realizes that they are in a healthy relationship or not.It doesn’t matter if your romance relationship is okay. However, what if you are late realizing that you have been trapped in the wrong relationship all this time? Dating is like 2 people who get drunk together. Both are just ridiculous. They can be happy or fight because of trivial issues. Even in abusive relationships, the victim often doesn’t realize that they are the victim of their partner’s violence. Until finally there was one party who realized first how ridiculous they had been.