Company Formation in the Netherlands

In Amsterdam Business Support we’re proficient at helping overseas businesses extend into the Company formation Netherlands . It is common to begin doing business in the Netherlands using a BV business.

To incorporate a BV business, we assist our customers go through the following measures:

Step 1: Check the uniqueness of your business name and find an address to the business.

Step 2: Appoint a local manager or company secretary to help keep the business in good standing, and comply with Dutch company law demands.

Step 3: Request Notary Public into Draft Deed of Incorporation and Articles of Association in accordance with Dutch law.

Measure 4: Incorporation of the Business from the Notary Public. The minimum necessary share funds for a BV may be 1 $, although the BV can simply issue shares that are registered.

Step 5: Registration with the Tax Authorities and Trade Register.

Step 6: Open a bank account and obtain internet banking accessibility.

Step 7: Publish a Shareholder’s Agreement, in case there are a few shareholders.

Step 8: Find a lawyer that speaks your language, like a accountant in Amsterdam, or even an accountant in Amsterdam.

Measure 9: Organize insurances, licenses and licences (if appropriate ).

Measure 10: send somebody, or Hire your initial worker. Apply for expat (taxation ) ruling and organize housing.